Daily Devotional August 31, 2021

This past Sunday, I missed seeing Jerry and Ann in their assigned seats.  That's because they were on vacation in Creede, Colorado. Yesterday, Jerry came by the church to give me the bulletin from the worship service they attended in Creede. As we visited, Jerry said, "The worship service was only forty minutes long."  Jerry … Continue reading Daily Devotional August 31, 2021

Daily Devotional August 30, 2021

This week, I have a birthday.  I dread it. My apprehension over another birthday has nothing to do with getting older.  In fact, I like getting older. I wouldn't want to go back to my younger days.  That's because I made a lot of mistakes.  I've learned from them.  The pain from all those mistakes … Continue reading Daily Devotional August 30, 2021

Daily Devotional August 26, 2021

Rerun of Daily Devotional August 26, 2016 Earlier this week, Shannon told me I needed to write a book.  She said, “It needs to be a religious book because you are somewhat Christian.” What does that mean?  I’m not cool with my wife saying I am somewhat Christian.  That’s like saying I’m somewhat intelligent, somewhat … Continue reading Daily Devotional August 26, 2021

Daily Devotional for August 25, 2021

Earlier this year, Melanie asked if I would perform her marriage.  I was pumped.The ceremony happened in our sanctuary, this past June.  It was just how weddings are supposed to be; joyful, sacred, fun, and quick.Ten days after Melanie and Alan took their vows, she called to say Alan had suffered a stroke.My heart broke … Continue reading Daily Devotional for August 25, 2021

Daily Devotional for August 24, 2021

Parents tearing masks off teachers.  Unruly passengers attacking flight attendants.  Extreme frustration over our military’s disastrous pull out of Afghanistan.  Proud Boys and antifa groups slugging it out in Portland.   Those vaccinated against COVID-19 are angry because the unvaccinated are filling up hospitals and cemeteries.  The unvaccinated are angry because they believe their rights are … Continue reading Daily Devotional for August 24, 2021

Daily Devotional August 23, 2021

Yesterday, I was in the contemporary worship service.  This doesn't happen often so I wanted to make sure I cherished every moment. One of the interesting things about that service is the offering is taken immediately after the sermon.  This is either really good or really bad.  It all depends on the quality of the … Continue reading Daily Devotional August 23, 2021

Daily Devotional August 19, 2021

Yesterday, I conducted a funeral in Keller, for a woman I dearly love. Betty was ninety-two years old and had lived a good, long, productive life.  She had been the treasurer at my first church.  Yesterday was a good day. What caught me by surprise is Betty's grandchildren now have children of their own.  I … Continue reading Daily Devotional August 19, 2021

Rerun of Daily Devotional August 16, 2016

Brenda is a devoted member of our congregation who makes a tremendous difference in serving God by serving others. Last week, as we discussed what it meant to be a committed Christian, she shared the following thoughts.  I asked if she would allow me to share them with you.  What she said is right on … Continue reading Rerun of Daily Devotional August 16, 2016

Daily Devotional August 16, 2021

At Belton High School, the seniors personalize their parking spaces by painting them.  Some students are very creative. Saturday, Jodi sent a picture of Jordan's parking spot.  She had just finished painting. Jordan's parking spot had "God Loves (Painted red heart) You" at the top.  Underneath on a purple background, Jordan painted a huge Tootsie … Continue reading Daily Devotional August 16, 2021

Daily Devotional August 12, 2021

Mike sent the following story with the warning not to assume.  He's right. A man came into the pharmacy and said to the technician, "Do you have anything that will stop hiccups?" The tech leaned over the counter and slapped the man's face. The man said, "What did you do that for?" The tech replied, … Continue reading Daily Devotional August 12, 2021