Daily Devotional September 30, 2020

This past Saturday, I noticed that the gravel road leading from my house to the front gate was in really bad shape.  Through years of use and abuse, the gravel could hardly been seen, grass was growing everywhere, and the road was not holding up well.  Luckily, there was a solution.  That’s why God invented … Continue reading Daily Devotional September 30, 2020

Daily Devotional September 29, 2020

Yesterday morning, Buzz and I were talking.  He was very complimentary about Sunday’s sermon – which was to be expected – because I am the one who preached it.  It really was awesome.  Then Buzz said, “It was much shorter than usual.” On a regular basis, Jerry reminds me that the best sermons have a good … Continue reading Daily Devotional September 29, 2020

Daily Devotional September 28, 2020

Two days ago, Shannon and I marked the one year anniversary of eating a Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Diet.  For a carnivore like me, this has been a real change but the results have been worth it.  I no longer have to deal with myopathy or medications. In fact, a few weeks ago, one of the docs in … Continue reading Daily Devotional September 28, 2020

Daily Devotional September 25, 2020

Rerun of Daily Devotional September 13, 2014Whenever I begin to think I am important, I go to the church receptionist desk and ask for my messages.  That’s because all important people have messages.  I never have any.  This always brings me back to the realization that I am not as important as I think I … Continue reading Daily Devotional September 25, 2020

Daily Devotional September 24, 2020

Rerun of Daily Devotional September 24, 2018 Mike sent the following joke.  After reading it, I caught myself saying "Amen!" "From Genesis:  "And God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the earth."   Then He made the earth round, and He laughed and laughed and laughed." When you … Continue reading Daily Devotional September 24, 2020

Daily Devotional September 23, 2020

Yesterday morning, as I was getting ready for work, rain poured down.  I knew I was about to get soaked walking from the house to the truck, then opening and shutting both the top gate and the road gate.  For me, getting wet wasn’t an option because sugar melts.As I stood in the garage, looking … Continue reading Daily Devotional September 23, 2020

Daily Devotional September 22, 2020

Being a pastor, I deal with some pretty heavy issues on a regular basis.  Yesterday’s was very deep.Chris texted:  “Can I be mad at God for not providing me an F250?  That’s valid, right?”Relying on all my years of education, experience, and intuition, I responded: “Yep.  Most valid things revolve around big trucks.” Chris’ complex theological … Continue reading Daily Devotional September 22, 2020

Daily Devotional September 21, 2020

In August, I fervently prayed for rain.  I've stopped. Now the tanks are overflowing, the grass is green, and the field that needs to be plowed is too muddy.  With me, it's always something. I wonder if God ever gets tired of hearing my prayers of endless requests?  I would. I can see it now.  … Continue reading Daily Devotional September 21, 2020

Daily Devotional September 18, 2020

Rerun of Daily Devotional September 9, 2017 Yesterday morning I walked into my office to find a package that Cheryle had dropped off.   I was pretty pumped because it looked like a package of food.  But then when I got a closer look, I realized it wasn’t food, it was smoky bacon flavored kale.  And … Continue reading Daily Devotional September 18, 2020

Daily Devotional September 17, 2020

Yesterday, I taught two different Bible studies.  One was for the United Methodist Women.  While they are a very rough, tough crowd, I have to admit I love each of them.   Even though I was the one teaching the class, as usual, these wonderful women taught me something new. The subject of discussion was the … Continue reading Daily Devotional September 17, 2020