Daily Devotional for September 16, 2021

My all-time favorite piece of equipment is our Bobcat Compact Track Loader.  It is a beast.

When I first told Shannon I wanted one, she thought I was crazy (which she does quite often).  She didn’t see any reason that would justify the expense.

But, after pulling out countless mesquite trees, digging spillways, drilling postholes, building berms, and using it for many other building projects, Shannon has finally seen the light.

Last week, after building a new round pen for Shannon’s horses, we started drilling postholes for a long fence made of wooden posts and cattle panels.  That’s when I broke the Bobcat.  And I don’t mean a little sissy break.  I REALLY broke the Bobcat.  I was distraught. 

That night, after inspecting the damage, I realized I wasn’t sure how to fix it.  I was so worried I had nightmares.

The next morning, I explained to Shannon I wasn’t capable of making such extensive repairs.  She quickly told me I was more than capable.  I had my doubts.

This past Tuesday, Shannon drove to the Bobcat dealership in Waco to purchase the parts I needed for the repairs.

That night, after getting home from work, I tackled the repair problems with an angle grinder, hammers, a punch, numerous wrenches, a host of other tools, and new parts.  It was a challenge for my little brain.

The fascinating thing was, whenever I began to doubt, Shannon would be speaking words of encouragement and support.  She was there the whole time.

Finally, late at night, the repairs, which were far beyond my capability, were complete.  I was incredibly relieved.  Shannon told me she knew I could do it.

Yesterday morning, it dawned on me the reason I was able to make the repairs was because I had my own little cheering section that kept me going.  Shannon’s constant words of encouragement where the difference between success and failure.

You may be facing a much bigger challenge than repairing a broken piece of construction equipment.  Whatever it is, know that God is speaking words of encouragement and support.  God is cheering you on.  God wants you to succeed.

This is what Paul meant by saying, “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”  (Philippians 4:13)

You will never face the hard challenges alone.  God will always be there helping, prodding, supporting, and granting success.  All God asks is you trust in the One who made and saved you.  God will do the heavy lifting.

Prayer:  Dear Gracious Heavenly God, help me lean on you for guidance, strength, and comfort.  Help me face the challenges of life with grace, integrity and wisdom.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.

Everyone needs a cheering section.  I’ve got God and Shannon.

You’ve got God.  Now, go find your own Shannon.

I pray your day is filled with joy and laughter.
Tom Robbins