May 12, 2020

There’s one phrase that I truly dread to hear. It’s not, “The IRS is on the phone,” or “We are having kale for supper.” The phrase that sends shivers down my spine is: “Let’s go pet the puppies.”

Whenever Shannon says, “Let’s go pet the puppies,” that means a trip to the animal shelter which results in us adopting a dog.

Outside of the dogs that people dump in the country, Shannon and I get our dogs from the shelter. That’s because we’ve chosen to give discarded dogs a second chance and a much needed home. Each of them has a sad story that has a happy ending.

Ziggy has no hair, has a face only a mother could love, and is terrified of everyone except Shannon and me. When Ziggy is around other people, she does not bark, she screams. It is a disconcerting thing to hear. We don’t know what happened in Ziggy’s life prior to coming to our house. By her terrified reaction to people, we know it wasn’t good.

Here, Ziggy is safe, happy, and enjoys being loved. She never again has to worry about whatever hurt her earlier in life. She’s home.

Another time I heard, “Let’s go pet the puppies,” resulted in bringing home Piper. While Ziggy is breathtakingly ugly, Piper is the opposite. She is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen.

At the animal shelter, when Shannon picked out Piper, I was not impressed. While the other dogs jumped, licked, and barked to get our attention, Piper cowered in the back corner of her pen. Whenever she heard a male voice, she would react with terror and intense shivering. We were told she had been abused.

Now, whenever Piper hears my voice, there’s no fear, only joy and excitement. She and I are best buddies. And while she suffers from a neurological problem which causes her to lose her balance and our vet says may last the rest of her life, she knows she is in a safe place. She has no worries. She’s home.

Someday, we too will be home. And on that day, all the pains and heartaches of this life will be permanently left behind. We will be safe, happy, and loved.

This is what the writer of Hebrews means by saying: “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” (Hebrews 13:14 NLT)

You aren’t home yet. Someday, you will be. No matter what happens to you in this life, your story will have a happy ending. You will be home.

Prayer: Dear Gracious Heavenly God, I know your Son came so that I can go to my true home. For this, I give you my thanks and praise. I am looking forward to the day I see your face. Guide my words, thoughts, and actions in such a way that others can come to your home. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Two years ago, someone dumped a dog near our home. When Shannon showed Shawna and the girls this discarded dog, they immediately fell in love and took her home. Later that day, Dee sent a message saying, “You are dead to me.” But his complaint didn’t last long. Later, Shawna texted a picture of Dee asleep in his chair with Lilly fast asleep in his lap. She found her home.

Someday, we all go home.

I pray your day is filled with joy and laughter.

Tom Robbins