April 7, 2020

Every Sunday morning I face a real conundrum. It’s the chancel choir that is seated behind me. Don’t get me wrong, the music they offer in the worship services takes my breath away. They are that good. But, while most of them are relatively trustworthy, there’s always a few that I need to keep an eye on. One of those is Trent.

Yesterday, he sent the following email: “Best Palm Sunday sermon I’ve ever streamed from my living room during a global pandemic.”

Now you understand what I am talking about.

One of the greatest attributes of our church is that it is filled with people who can laugh and know that no matter what is happening, God is still in charge and he will bring us home. It is our confidence in an all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving God, that enables us to embrace every aspect of life with the sure confidence that we are not alone.

This does not mean every moment will be bliss. In fact, I guarantee that is not the case. Each of us will face both the good and the bad. That’s life. But for those who follow Jesus Christ, we already know how the story ends. God’s wins.

So as you face the challenges of a new day filled with social distancing, sheltering in place, and the constant stream of bad news, know that God really is here and God is the one who always has the final say. God will bring laughter again.

As Job experiences the loss of his children, his health, and his wealth, some friends come to offer comfort. One of them says: “He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with joy.” (Job 8:21)

This promise that God will bring good out of tragedy is what each of us needs to hear. That’s what the empty tomb we celebrate on Easter is all about.

In the midst of all the hardships of the day, try to bring joy into someone’s life. It really matters.

Prayer: Dear Gracious Heavenly God, in this time of uncertainty, help me see past the momentary trials of life to continually embrace the joy of knowing you. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

While you may not have to deal with unruly members of your chancel choir, more than likely, you’ve got some sort of trial headed your way. Know that no matter what happens, God is with you, loves you and will bring you home.

Also, just for the record, Trent was right. My sermon was fantastic. Trust me.

I pray your day is filled with joy and laughter.
Tom Robbins