October 14, 2019

This past week, Shannon and I were on vacation. It was outstanding.

The highlight of the week was going to the HOT Fair and Rodeo to watch our four year old grandson, Bruce, get his first shot at mutton busting.

In order to make sure Bruce had the full mutton busting experience, we got him a little pair of chaps to go with his cowboy hat and boots. If anyone looked like he was ready to ride a sheep, it was Bruce.

Before setting him on the sheep’s back, they had Bruce put on a helmet with a facemask and a protective vest which pretty much made him bullet proof. He was ready for action.

When the gate swung open, the sheep took off at full speed. And even though Bruce had been told what to expect, he discovered hearing and firsthand experience were two very different things.

Bruce gave it a valiant effort but it wasn’t too long before he fell off. And the moment he hit the ground, the rodeo clown quickly scooped him up, dusted him off, and set him on feet. This got me thinking.

While most of us will never be as brave as Bruce and climb on the back of a raging sheep as big as a dinosaur, we will face risks of one kind or another. Sometimes we will be successful and sometimes life will throw us in the dirt.

The good news is, that much like the rodeo clown was immediately there for Bruce, God does the exact same thing for us.

No matter what challenge you face, God is right there at your side, ready to pick you up, dust you off, and set you back on your feet.

This does not mean that you will always be successful. It means you will never face the hard challenges of life alone. God loves you too much to ever leave your side.

In Paul’s letter to the Christians in Philippi, as he recounts both the good and bad experiences of life, he says, ” I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

While there are times when life is very hard, always remember that no matter what you face, the Creator of the Universe is by your side to help you through. All God asks is that you put your hand in his and let him lead you.

Prayer: Dear Gracious Heavenly God, thank you for always being with me. Help me to trust you and always rely upon you. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Trust God. He will see you through.

Also, just for the record. Bruce is going to keep mutton busting. He will do great. But in a few years, my granddaughters are going to be mutton busting. I think I am going to pray for the sheep. Those sheep are going to need all the prayers they can get.

I pray your day is filled with joy and laughter.

Tom Robbins