July 9, 2019

One dark night on vacation, Shannon and I drove up the steep winding road leading to the McDonald Observatory to attend the Star Party.

Located high in the Davis Mountains, the telescopes of this remote observatory do not have to worry about ambient light interfering with the darkness of the night’s sky. Because of this, the stars shine like diamonds set against a black velvet background. It is truly a sight to behold.

As we went from one telescope to the next looking at constellations, newly formed stars, old burning out stars, planets spinning through the cosmos, star clusters, and everything else imaginable, I was struck by the vastness of the universe our wonderful God has created. I am not the first to have this sort of experience from looking at the night’s sky.

Long ago, David wrote these words: “When I look up at your skies, at what your fingers made – the moon and the stars that you set firmly in place – what are human beings that you think about them; what are human beings that you pay attention to them?” (Psalm 8:3-4 CEB)

Just know, while the enormity of the universe can be overwhelming, God has a very special place in his heart for you. That’s why God actually became one of us. So that we can spend eternity with him.

So remember, even though we are all just tiny creatures on a very small planet circling an insignificant star in the midst of a never-ending universe, in the eyes of God we matter more than life itself. That’s how much God loves us. And that’s all that really matters.

Prayer: Dear Gracious Heavenly God, thank you for loving me and giving my life meaning. Help me to be the person you created me to be. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

I hope you get the chance to attend a Star Party at the McDonald Observatory. It is a wonderful reminder of the power of our God.

I pray your day is filled with joy and laughter.

Tom Robbins