June 11, 2019

Yesterday Pastor Brian was showing me how to use some of the apps my phone. He was very patient. In fact, I noticed he was talking to me the same way you would talk to a toddler – very slow, making good eye contact to ensure that what he was saying was registering in my little mind.

As I slowly learned what every eight year old intuitively knows about technology, I was very grateful that Brian was meeting me where I was to bring me forward. The same thing can be said about the way we Christians are to help others understand the healing love of Jesus Christ. We must meet them where they are.

Don’t for one second think that we live in a Christian culture or that everyone knows the Bible the way we do – they don’t. But in a world where people are desperate to gain a sense of worth and value, where people are continually degraded and abused, in a world that is literally going to hell, we have an opportunity to bring healing and God’s saving love to those who are lost. It’s up to us.

One day God sends Philip into the middle of nowhere. He sees a chariot pass by with a man reading from the prophet Isaiah. Philip asks the man if he understands what he is reading. He replies, “How can I, unless someone guides me?” (Acts 8:31)

Philip climbs aboard the chariot and the Bible says: “Then Philip began to speak, and starting with this scripture, he proclaimed to him the good news about Jesus.” (Acts 8:35) And before they are done, Philip baptizes the man and converts him to Christianity. This could not have happened if Philip had not met the man where he was.

Somehow, somewhere, someday, God will engineer events in your life where you have the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with someone. Meet them where they are. Don’t use grand, esoteric, theological terms. Just tell them how Jesus is real to you. Tell them about the difference God has made in your life. Tell them that the Holy Spirit is with them at that moment. Don’t be threatened by their questions. And in your conversation, pray that God guide you – he will.

Prayer: Dear Gracious Heavenly God, I humbly ask that you use me to bring others into your light. Help me meet others where they are. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Just as Pastor Brian met me where I was to teach me the rudimentary aspects of using apps on my phone, you can do the same with people who are desperate to hear of God’s love. And if you don’t do it, who will?

Also, Brian seems to be very concerned about the fact that I have 1,400 unread e-mails. I don’t get him.

I pray your day is filled with joy and laughter.

Tom Robbins